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Maybe we’ve already answer your question, here’s our FAQ
What cities are we working in?
The area of activity is widespread and includes most of the Middle East. The Hui Institute is ready to help the Iraqi and Syrian people who are in need and war, but their focus is on the Kurdish regions, which over the past five years have defected its people in war and its aftermath. The cities of Ma'tud Afrine, Kobani, Ghamshlou, Manbatch and ... have been a great effort to promote the mental health and morale of the residents as well as to the refugees and displaced persons in these areas. The institute has focused its activities on the development, construction of educational and medical areas for women and children.
How can you help our community?
After seven years of war, the world's largest humanitarian crisis continues to hit children. More than 5 million children need urgent humanitarian assistance and have to flee their homes. They have lost a lot of things; their homes, their parents, and even their lives. The possibility of studying and providing the appropriate conditions for the school spiritually and the motivation to return to daily life is a great help for the keks. Hui also supervises children, and currently there are 150 children covered. The construction of a home for women head of household and households, providing living needs, building and constructing universities and shopping centers is another of the ongoing projects of Hui. You can help us with occasional or monthly donations. And, of course, we welcome your voluntary contributions in the area.
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