Children from the age of 5-6 after the ISIL strike. Families do not value education and study. The level of literacy has come down, and will bring great damage to the region's future.
Hevi Foundation Institute, after the Kobani expansion, there were 25 schools in all of the villages and towns that during the war, 20 of them were completely destroyed. We upgraded the remaining 5 and restored the rest. More than 4,000 chairs and tables were made. Computers, printers and sports equipment are provided for all schools, and for each school there are 3-4 water tankers. A school for disabled people is made up of a section dedicated to the blind, including all the necessary equipment.
فعالیت‌های ما در بخش زنان
All-round support for children; Education, health, children's work and children without child support
150 non-guarded children are covered by the Hui Foundation from the age of one to 15 years; the children of those who lost their martyrs in Kobani and all of their families. A place for their sleeping of 150 people was built and a place for brothers and sisters.