The public suffers the most damage during the war, and the cost and lack of treatment facilities make health a primary source of assistance.
The Hevi Foundation Institute, after the war, was able to enter more than a hundred tons of healthcare products. Medications required for severe illness to produce antibiotics that are extremely rare in those days. The institute, with the establishment of a mobile hospital, equipped with two sections of surgery, in villages for the delivery of pregnant women and war zones for injuries requiring surgery to be treated.
فعالیت‌های ما در بخش زنان
Nevertheless, women and girls are those who receive at least emotional, psychological, physical, financial and other support.

It will not take place in the world. Since the lack of foundation, education, and counseling, there are women who have been born and controlled. The later war and the adventurous warrior, the strongest Jeddah and the Thamen New Jihad, the Jamaat-e-Islami, will be the most powerful.