Refugees and IDPS
The total number of refugees, asylum seekers and displaced persons in the world has exceeded fifty-one million people by 2013, with the start of the Syrian crisis and for the first time since the end of the Second World War, the UN said in a statement.

The refugees under the guise of the Hui Foundation from the cities: Mosel, Manij, Afrin, Tarik and Dyrazov, and ... . In the first phase, they were supported by shelter, food and clothing.
In the second phase, and after the development of Kobani, they provided the necessary home and kitchen equipment for refugees and refugees.


فعالیت‌های ما در بخش زنان
Syrian people suffered the most pain after 6 years of civil war, the Syrian war has lasted longer than World War II in Europe
Currently, more than 90% of displaced people have been accommodated and their daily life supplies, fuel and cooking appliances, and educational facilities for children and health have been provided.