About Us
Not a Charity
but a Foundation of Hope
Hêvî is non-for profit association situated in the Middle East, working primarily in Iraq and Syria.
Hêvî is a Kurdish word meaning Hope. When we visualized what we believed and thought about the struggles of the courageous people of the region, we envisioned the word Hope as the most prominent concept that defined our experiences of living and working here as activists.
We Believe
We Believe
that those who can best help and support refugees and the war-torn shattered communities around them are the ones who come from such communities, who have also suffered the ravages of war, and who themselves have been the ‘children of the camps’ not that long ago.
As children of the wars of the previous decades, the Hêvî team came together from across the region as civil engineers, as experts in the reconstruction of post war societies, as the returning children of those who were forced to flee across oceans to seek safety, and as people who themselves have been marked by the traumas of the wars that have ravaged the region. 
And this is what separates us
from the rest.
We know through first hand experience who the most vulnerable are in war torn communities. They are the women and the children, the refugees, and the displaced.
Because we were those people once ourselves.
We believe strongly in supporting the most vulnerable elements within society in war-torn communities including women, children, refugees, minorities, members of LGBTQAI+ communities, disabled people and those who have been injured and maimed as a result of ongoing conflicts.
Our vision, inspired by the ongoing resistance and courage of the people of the land, and their efforts: towards democratization, towards liberation of women within society, towards ecological sustainability, and towards sustainable long-term development, is enhanced by targeting and supporting the most at risk.
Everyone, irrespective of ethnicity, gender, age, sexual orientation, and creed has the right to a life lived in dignity, in safety, and with basic needs met.
But above all, a life lived in hope is a life lived with possibilities, a life lived with optimism, a life lived with expectations, motivation, and confidence. A life lived in hope is a life with the view that despite the wars and the destruction a future is possible.
Our Mission

Inspired by the people of Kurdistan, by their sacrifices and resistances, we came together as a group of dedicated professionals to help make a difference.

Unlike a traditional charity we developed a Foundation as we were determined to provide support to various sectors of society and not be confined to traditional NGO work.

Our aim therefore is not to just provide support through traditional charitable work, especially in the area of supporting the most vulnerable elements of our community, including women and children, but also develop and build projects aimed towards the development of civil society, democratization, and cohesiveness of the community.

We believe that genuine solidarity and support for a war shattered society should aim to develop the capacity of that community long term, to develop local ownership, and to encourage confidence and self-belief.

We envision Hêvî being the water
that sprinkles that garden.
Stay with us
as our story of support and love continues ...
what we do