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Hêvî Foundation Provides Urgent Aid to Afrin IDPs

The supplies on route to IDPs in Kobane region.

As a result of the ongoing conflict in Afrin region a large number of civilians have been displaced into neighboring region of Shahba. According to human rights reports well over 350,000 people have been displaced out of Afrin and are currently living under extremely difficult conditions in the open, lacking shelter, food, clean water and other basic necessities.

Additionally, many international NGOs have refused to operate in the region for fear of ongoing security concerns. The lack of international support and aid resulted in local NGOs such as the Kurdish Red Crescent calling for urgent support for the IDPs.

In addition to the thousands of Afrin residents displaced,  the region was also supporting 150,000 IDPs from Idlib and Aleppo who have been doubly displaced as a result of the indiscriminate attacks on the city.

A large number of IDPs are now flowing into Kobane region and there are efforts to provide them with temporary shelters and housing.  Many of the people in the community and surrounding villages have provided empty homes in villages as temporary shelters. However the IDPs lack any necessary and urgent materials.

Hêvî Foundation responded by providing a number of goods in support of the IDPs now in Kobane. The aid included blankets, gas, drinking water, portable gas and stoves, kitchen supplies, tents,  mattresses, among other daily needs.

However, the urgent needs of the IDPs are still not entirely met. Goods such as baby formula, nappies, clothes, shoes and hygiene materials are urgently needed.


The aid trucks travelling through Kobane city to reach Afrin IDPs in  Kobane provinces.

Hêvî Foundation Provides Vital Support to Women’s House

This week Hevi Foundation provided vital support to the Mala Jin (Women’s House) in Kobane. A new Women’s House was built recently but lacked the necessary supplies and equipment. The provided supplies included computers, printers, desks, chairs, heaters and more.

The Hevi team unload the supplies.

At Hevi we believe strongly that supporting women in the community ensures that we support the pillars of society. The Women’s House provides vital legal, social, financial, and moral support to women. Women access the Women’s House from a range of issues including related to domestic violence, child support, legal aid, forced marriages, early marriage, divorce, and other domestic and family related matters. Supporting the Women’s House ensures that women in the community have a strong support base in the pursuit of their human rights.

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