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Hêvî Foundation Provides Vital Support to Women’s House

This week Hevi Foundation provided vital support to the Mala Jin (Women’s House) in Kobane. A new Women’s House was built recently but lacked the necessary supplies and equipment. The provided supplies included computers, printers, desks, chairs, heaters and more.

The Hevi team unload the supplies.

At Hevi we believe strongly that supporting women in the community ensures that we support the pillars of society. The Women’s House provides vital legal, social, financial, and moral support to women. Women access the Women’s House from a range of issues including related to domestic violence, child support, legal aid, forced marriages, early marriage, divorce, and other domestic and family related matters. Supporting the Women’s House ensures that women in the community have a strong support base in the pursuit of their human rights.

For more information you can contact us at [email protected]

Hêvî Supports Women’s Rights- Designing Women’s Village Jinwar

Hêvî Supports Women’s Rights by Designing a Women’s Village Jinwar

As a result of the political conflict in Syria large number of people have been physically, economically, financially and otherwise affected. No group more than women have been more affected by this conflict. From displacement, to loss of family and home, to increase in experiences of gender based violence and financial instability women have been adversely affected.

For this reason establishing women friendly and safe locations is seen as an essential measure to support women traumatized as a result of the political crises in Syria.

Following request from local civil society groups such as Kongreye Star and WJAR (Free Women’s Association of Rojava) a request was made to design the project. The design and preparation, as well as background research was prepared in two months and the project commenced work immediately.

The purpose of the village is to provide a safe space and women friendly site where women who have experienced gender based violence, domestic violence, have lost the traditional bread winner in the family, wish to avoid marriage, or have not been able to marry can find the safety to rehabilitate, learn about means to support themselves and their families, learn ecological and sustainable means of farming, learn about traditional medicine, and become self sufficient and independent.

The project is currently in progress and much work has been done so far. However, further support and funds are urgently required. To support this project please use the following bank details:

Kurdistan Hilfe e.V.
Keyword WJAR-Jinwar
IBAN: DE40 2005 0550 1049 2227 04

You can follow the progress of the village by visiting this page:

Jinwar Women’s village

To learn more you can contact us via [email protected]


The camps of North Syria Require Urgent Aid

Due to the on going conflict with ISIS and the security situation thousands of Syrians have been internally displaced or forced to flee to neighboring countries.

This situation has resulted in millions being internally displaced, with thousands fleeing to the northern parts of Syria, known as Rojava.

From Kobane city, to Cezire and Efrin several IDP camps have been set up. However, the camp administrators are struggling with lack of basic supplies, and require significant help in supporting the displaced.

The lack of sanitation is a serious problem.

Sanitation remains a key area of need in the camps.  Mishtanur camp in Kobane is one such example. The camp was established two years ago, but lack the appropriate materials, including the tents that the families stay in.

The ongoing embargo and border closures prevents many NGOs and humanitarian supplies from entering into north Syria. This problem continues to prevent the region being able to support the displaced. For this reason local NGOs are an important tool in supporting the displaced and the traumatized communities.

Hêvî will continue to support the camps through providing them with basic supplies such as food packages, sanitation products, winter clothes and other essentials.

The quality of the tents is a major problem facing camp administrators in Kobane’s Mishtanur Camp.

Lack of access to clean water is another issue.

Hêvî Foundation Delivers 39 Tons of Medicine to Rojava

The team at Hêvî Foundation managed to deliver 39 tons of urgently needed medicine to Rojava.

The much needed medicine, which included vaccinations, antibiotics and insulin was delivered to the Ministry of Health in Cezire Canton.

The medicine was collected following a number of urgent calls by the health ministries across the region, especially the city of Kobane which has been struggling with medicine shortages.

The team at Hêvî Foundation will continue to provide medical health and support for the people of the region. However, due to the border difficulties and the number of Internally Displaced People (IDP) in the region the need for medical support is an urgent matter. Lack of vaccinations for children currently remains one of the most urgent needs.