‘Our motto functions on the idea that developing locally prevents flow of people internationally.

We believe at Hêvî  that children are the most essential part of a society. Yet often they are the most forgotten, the most vulnerable to the ravages of war and terror.

Of the number of refugees flowing out of the Middle East and places like Syria and Iraq over half are children. Yet the children have a far less likely to arrive safely or to be accepted as refugees.

Children in a camp in north Syria.

Many drown at seas or are “lost” in the process of escaping and seeking safety.

49% of the global refugees are from Syria, with 38% of the over all numbers being children.

Many more in danger of malnutrition, face lack of access to education, healthcare, shelter and basic essentials.

Hêvî aims to target and reduce the situation of children by addressing two key areas: education and health. By working on the local level we hope to impact the flow of people and children.

Our motto is “not one child, but all children” and so our projects are centered around supporting as many children as possible, particularly in the area of education and health.

Thousands more children remain at risk but you can help to make a difference.

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Children of Mishtanur camp in north Syria.









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